Welcome to the course in Medicine at Huddinge University Hospital

The home for case-based medical teaching.
The course in Internal Medicine is the longest individual course in the medical curriculum at the KI. At Huddinge University Hospital (HS) we base the course on case-methodology. Core introductory lectures complement a large number of case seminars.
Our students have 12 weeks practical training at different wards and clinics in the hospital. HS is a large tertiary refferral center and the students meet a large number of patients and medical conditions. Each student has 2 weeks rotation in the emergency ward and subsequent rotations in other specialities treating mostly acute medical conditions.
Our reasearch is focused on clinical learning och teaching. When new ideas are implemented they are always scientifically tested and will remain in our curriculum only if effective.
We are actively involved in international, as well as interproffesional, teaching projects and welcome further contacts.
For abstracts on current and recent projects please see links below:
If you want to know more about medical education at the course in Medicine, HS, please contact the course leader:
Dr. Hans Gyllenhammar, MD, Ph.D.
associate professor

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