Global Health Course 7.5 ETCS

"Do I really need to say that the two weeks abroad is the best thing in the course? Although to be entirely correct those two weeks would not be as great if you had not had the two weeks of amazingly good lectures before. With those backing you up you gain a whole new and deeper understanding of the subject than otherwise would have been possible had any of those two parts been done alone."

From student evaluation January 2016


What is Global Health?

The Global Health course gives an introduction to public health in a global perspective (i.e. it is not a course in tropical infectious diseases). The main focus is on how level of income and other health determinants affect the health situation in a country and of individuals. If you are interested in the broader picture, multidisciplinary subjects, and if you would like to understand what the world looks like today, then the Global Health course is for you!


What will I learn in this course?

The main aim of the course is for participating students to understand global health, more specifically to critically reflect on how differences in health determinants between and within countries, as well as differences in health systems between low-, middle- and high-income countries affect the level of health and health indicators globally. If you want to learn more about the course and the intended learning outcomes, please see the page Syllabus.

How and where will I learn?

The course is divided into two sections; the first consists of a three-week theoretical part with lectures, literature studies and two seminars in Sweden, and the second part consists of a two-week study visit to a university and healthcare services in LaosTanzania Uganda or Vietnam. Please note that these countries may change due to the number of students on the course.

You can also see these pages for more information regarding the trip.

English is the official language of the course. This means that all assignments will be in English, both in Sweden and abroad. However, lectures in Sweden may be given in Swedish if everyone present speaks Swedish. In order to be prepared for the study visit abroad, students need to attend the lectures and seminars in Sweden. You can learn more on the page called Examination and assessment criteria.


Can I take this course?

Global Health is an interdisciplinary subject and the course accepts undergraduate students at Karolinska Institutet in the following degree programmes:

These programmes change every year. Please check with the adminstration at your own programme to see if you can apply this year.

Students who want to participate in the Global Health course are welcome to apply through their respective programmes. Each programme director is responsible for selecting the students of their programme.

N.B. This is a very popular course and not everyone who applies is accepted to the course. If you are not highly motivated to attend all of the lectures in Sweden, we recommend that you choose a different course.


What happens after you have been accepted to the course?

About a month (in January/August) after you have been accepted to the course you will receive two emails, one where you will be requested to submit your passport information and a second one where you will be requested to prioritize countries available for the study visits. Please note that the countries can change due to the number of students on the course (if there are not enough students to send to fill our quota for four countries, we will only send students to three countries. The decision to not include a specific country will take into consideration our partners work situation and as such cannot be communicated beforehand). It is possible to prioritize friends before country ("kompis-val"). The course leaders will try to accommodate your wishes, but cannot make any guarantees as they will ultimately determine the final distribution of students to the specific countries. You will receive an email with the information on what country you will travel to. This is usually sent out a couple of weeks before the introduction lecture in the beginning of the semester. Do not book your flight ticket until the course administrators has confirmed that you can do it!

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that your passport is valid for another 6 months after returning to Sweden from your course abroad! We need your passport information at our introductory meeting in March/August.


Ping Pong

The course material will be made available online. To access them, you have to log in to Ping Pong and go to the event Global Health course. You will hand in your preparatory assignment and your examination through Ping Pong.

Log in Ping Pong to here