Welcome to the course Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health in a Global Perspective

Coursetime 2012-05-02 - 2012-06-01

Are you interested in Global Perspectives on Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Living Conditions for Families and Children?

Department for Woman and Child Health offers a new elective course of 7.5 hp on advanced level for the spring 2012.
Sexual and Reproductive Health plays an important role for global development and is currently a big challenge. The course focuses on health for women, children and families, living conditions and human rights in a global perspective. Gender equality is highlighted as well as the UN agreements on reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity. The concept of "Safe motherhood" is discussed. The course integrates sexuality, sexual health, fertility control, mental health and ethical as well as legal aspects of reproductive health and gender equality.

Fulltime course in May 2012

Course coordinator: Kyllike Christensson

For application follow the routines of your Programme. If you wish further information please contact sabine.blix-lindstrom@ki.se or kyllike.christensson@ki.se