Ping Pong at Karolinska Institutet

Getting started

Here is some information that can be useful for those of you who are new to Ping Pong at KI.

What does a Ping Pong-administrator do?

Every department at KI has at least two Ping Pong administrators (also course web administrators). They have the following responsibilities:

I am a teacher

As a teacher you will have publishing rights for open or locked events from the Ping Pong administrator at your department.

All course webs are open events and published on Locked events take advantage of all of Ping Pong’s interactive features, i.e. features only available to participants logged into the LMS, such as tests, surveys and discussion forums.

We offer an online course in the basics of publishing in Ping Pong (in Swedish only). If you need help in getting started with Ping Pong and you do not speak Swedish we do offer one hour consultations free of charge. Go to this page to book or send a mail to

Courses and Workshops

Courses: We offer online as well as campus courses in Ping pong. They focus on basic publishing methods as well as on particular pedagogical features. There is also an online course for administrators.

Workshops: We offer workshops focusing on certain parts of the software (e.g. creating tests or surveys) and also more general workshops that will help you improve and finish the construction of your own course. 

Common user group - KIaPP

KIaPP is Karolinska Institutet user group for Ping Pong. This group offers users a platform for exchanging experiences, for inspiration and discussion. We arrange a member’s meeting most semesters. There is an event in Ping Pong about KIaPP (login required)

Support and Tutoring

Support: If you need assistance with minor problems using Ping Pong, please contact Helpdesk as your first line of support.

The helpdesk creates user accounts and assigns administrator rights and passwords when the Ping Pong administrators, in certain cases, do not have the rights to do this. This could be the case when a user belongs to a department which the course administrator does not belong to, or if it involves a cross-program course. The helpdesk answers questions when the course web administrator is unable to answer and reports problems with the software to the systems administrator.

Consultations: It is possible for you to book a one hour consultation session with us. We will help you with more complex questions as well as simple ones, from making a structure of the entire course to how to use a specific feature in the software.

A few examples of what we can help you with:

You can also book a tutoring session together with your colleagues (max 5 people?). These sessions last longer depending on your preferences and the resources we have at our disposal at the time. Please send an e-mail to, and we will contact you to set up a meeting

News - Ping Pong

On this page you find important updates and news about Ping Pong. 


We have created short instructional videos (Swedish only) and text manuals (Swedish only) customized for Ping Pong at KI. There is a built-in help section with texts. 

Mobile Ping Pong

Ping Pong Mobile is a mobile application, free for all Ping Pong users at KI. Use your ordinary Ping Pong login to access your account. You have access to all the material, the same as when you log in from a computer.