Participant groups in PingPong

Only users with administrative rights can connect students or groups to a course or event in Ping Pong. 


Student groups are imported from Ladok into Ping Pong, so for an administrator this means the following:

  1. As soon as a student registers in Ladok to a program or course, Ladok creates a user group in Ping Pong.
  2. The user group is kept updated by Ladok, so that the right students should always be included in the group. These groups are updated hourly between 8:00-17:00 and once more at 23:00. 
  3. Since Ladok sends information to Ping Pong, it is possible for a student to have an account in the system without a user name or e-mail address. This information comes in automatically once the student has activated their account.
  4. All students from Ladok can be found using this pathway: In the Users tab>Karolinska Institutet>Kurser från Ladok> HT14 or VT15 followed by the name of the course or progam.
  5. It is also possible to search directly for a student group from the Users tab: User groups>User>User groups. If uncertain about which term the course is from, click on theMer informationand a window with more information about the event will open.

Look in the group for Students if you want to find an individual participant.

More about student accounts i Ping Pong

In order for students to have access to Ping Pong, student e-mail, the wireless network and other resources at Karolinska Institutet, they must first activate their student account. Once they have activated the account they will automatically be able to log in to Ping Pong with the same login credentials.

Student accounts are discontinued two terms after they have concluded their studies at KI. They will receive an e-mail informing them before the account is deactivated.

Finding groups that were created prior to Ladok (before VT13)

Student groups from the spring term 2013, before the being populated automatically by Ladok, can be found in a group called Studentlistor, by term and divided into groups and programs. Groups are named according to this model: 2LK001T1-VT13 because they were created by hand. Check the information icon to see more information about the group.

How to connect a student group from Ladok to an Event

  1. Log in to Ping Pong.
  2. Open the Administration tool.
  3. Click on the Event tab.
  4. Find the course or event.
  5. It is also possible to search with the course ID number.

  6. Click on the Assign users tab.
  7. In the center window, start with marking the group Kurser från Ladok and click on the arrow to open the underlying groups. Browse through the list to find the correct or use the search field.
  8. Use the dropdown menu to choose whether the group will be added to participants, trainers, or passive participants. Save. 
  9. If you want to add a group from an earlier term, search under Studentlistor and then Kurser V13 or Programkurser V13.