Create a course website

To create a new course event from a template, start by opening the Administration tool and select the Events tab. Click on the New button at the left bottom corner of the window.

In the next window information can be added, for example the English name for the course and number of credits.

Note that the Ladok code can be entered in the field located in the Advanced tab for the course. Every course must display the Ladok code.

A list of codes can be found at To be sure that the open and closed webpages are linked, enter the same code found on the open course page. 

For new course webpages

Note that you must first connect the institution's event group for open pages and when the course is approved, it can then be connected to Study programmes > Courses A-Ö.  


Make the course website visible on

  1. Find and select the event/course in the administrative tool. Click on the Assign to groups button.
  2. Search for Kurser A-Ö. A list will be displayed of all the courses for each educational programme that you have the administrative rights to see. Connect the event/course to the corresponding programme.
  3. Contact ICT support if you do not see correct group in ”Kurser A-Ö” that you are looking for. It may be that you need to be given access rights to be able to see it.

Send a link to a course web page (even if the closed page is not published)

There are two ways to get at the link for a course's open webpage from inside Ping Pong. Either click on the button at the top right of the page for the event or on the Open Pages link in the Toolbox menu.  

Copy the link shown in the browser address field and send it to the programmes director for approval. The link to an open page will have the word publicPage as part of the web address.