Create a page

Open the Content Editor

  • Open your event in Ping Pong.
  • Click on content editor, located inside the Tools menu on the left.

Add a new page

  • Click on add to the left if you want the page to be listed in the main menu under Contents...

    Lägg till...

  • Or on the specific folder that you where you would like to place the page.
  • Click on the link Create new and choose page from the list that appears.
  • Give the page a name and save (this will be seen in the menu).

Save the page

This page will be published regardless of which button is used to save. The green ring with the plus sign means that the object has not yet been published but will be next time the page is published. No symbol means that no changes have been made to the page since the last time it was published. 

Choose the preview tab to see what the page will look like for participants. 

Edit page properties

  • Make sure that page is marked in the left menu.
  • Click on the Properties tab.

  • The name of the page can be changed in the Name field.
  • The information in Style is inherited and usually does not need to be changed from default.
  • Write a page description and keywords in Metadata.
  • Use Navigation and Orientation to determine if the navigation area (event menu) or orientation area (content menu) should be visible. 
  • Maximera innehållet innebär att innehållets yta utökas till hela fönstrets bredd och att menyfältet inte visas. Vid Fixerad höjd anges antalet pixlar i fältet.
  • SCORM shows which version of Scorm-package is being used.
  • Use Priviledges to determine if even participants will be able to edit the pate. Choose groups created by the administrator or project groups within the event. 
  • The Language filter (see An event with open pages) is used to determine whether the page will be seen on the Swedish, English pages, or both. Be sure to use this setting for all open pages.  
  • With Locked settings you can lock the page name. The properties for publishing to open pages (found below) can also be locked here. 
  • If Publish to internal pages is not checked the page will not be visible. The page will instead show a symbol, a red ring with a minus sign, meaning it will not be included when the pages are published. Check the box for Also publish to open pages in order for the page to be visible to all users. 

    An event with open pages

Edit page access

  • If no changes are made in Access all participants will have be able to access the entire page. Visibility determines whether the page is visible in the page structure (menu) on the left. 
  • Use Access to make the page visible for a limited period of time. 
  • If Objective completion required is checked the participant will not be able to see the page until completing a task. The specific task being used is defined in Objectives and progress
  • Select which groups will have access to the page. Click on the i to see more information about each group. 


Choose the Versions tab to select which version of the page to publish. Each version is marked by the date, time and name of the publisher. Click Use this, to the right,  if you want to publish an older version of the page. 

Change or add connected files

This is a list of all the files that are connected with the page, such as images, flash, video, HTML, etc. The path, date of latest change, file size and references are also listed here. Click on the link to read more information about each file, download or replace the file or disconnect it from the page. New files can even be added here and connected with the page.