TheText Editor in Ping Pong

Ping Pong AB will upgrade the content editor to the latest version, TinyMCE 4. The most visible change is a new top menu which now hosts some of the tools that were previously shown in the toolbar. The functionality is still the same but with a cleaner interface and improved performance.

This film shows the new menu:

Get the latest version of Flash to see this object.

Please note that you will find the following changes

Images and image properties

Version 13.12.52 has given us back the option of editing margins and borders for images (the first version of the text editor had taken it away.

To edit image properties:

  1. Click on image in choose Insert/edit image.

  2. Under the tab General you write a suitable image description. If you resize your picture the write either width or height and keep Contrain proportions:

  3. If you want to add a border or space around the image click on the Advanced tab:
  4. In version 13.12.52 the "border" function is not yet working. You will need to copy the code: border: 1px solid black; - in the field for Style.
  5. If you want to justify the image to the left/right of the text then insert this code at the start of the field for Style: float: right; or float: left;
    NB! You must click outside the box where you add the value in order for the style field to be updated. Click on OK.

These menu functions have been moved into the top menu:

Paste as text

You will find the Paste as text under the top menu Edit:


You will find the Undo under the top menu Edit:

Insert external media (previously Insert embedded media) eg embed a film from YouTube

The meny button for inserting an embedded video eg from Youtube or Vimeo has moved in under Insert in the top menu and is now called Insert/edit external media.

The menu bar now shows only the buttons for inserting films, images, sound files from the Ping Pong Resource bank:

Tables and Special characters

On the plus side the table editing feature is now vastly improved. You can insert a table, merge cells, etc. You can also insert "special characters" under the Insert menu.