Create a group assignment

The process of creating a group assignment starts with adding a new assignment to the Contents menu and then selecting Group assignment. Note that it is not possible to alter an existing assignment from from being anonymous, for example, to being a group assignment. 

Choose which project groups will have access to the group assignment. These groups must have been created prior to making a new group assignment. Any group member can turn in the assignment. If the assignment is connected to a course objective all of the group will be able to see the results. 

Steps to create the group assignment

Settings to assign a group to the assignment

It is necesary to choose which group will receive the assignment. This depends on how you have formed different groups. Instructions for how to create project groups (to be linked).

Open groups and group assignments 

If you have any Open project groups (indicated by *), they cannot be selected in this window. Instead it will be necessary to change the settings within the project group itself. 

To edit a collective group first open Project groups in the Toolbox menu. Select the Open groups tab and click Edit.

At the bottome of the page you will see a checkbox for group assignments that have been created.