Create events/tasks and new calendars or edit preferences

Create and edit an event

To create or edit an event, click on the date in the calendar or on New event in the menu. Fill in information for the event: 

Calendar: Select which calendar the event belongs in from the dropdown menu. 

Category: If a category is chosen, a symbol for it will be seen in the calendar.

Subject/title: Give the event a title, which will be seen in the calendar.

Location: Where the event will take place.

Start: Give a starting time and date for the event.

Duration: Use the dropdown menu to select how long the event will be. Check No time and the event will be shown above the other times on that day in the calendar. This can be useful for birthdays or holidays, for example. Check all day and the event will be set from 00:00-23:59 on that date.

Link: Can be filled in with a link related to the event.

Comment: To write a description of the event.

Booked resources: May be used if you have administrative rights to book resources.

Alarm: The alarm can be used if you would like a reminder for an event, which can be sent to you via PIM or e-mail. 

Repetition: Events can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Create a new task

Click on New task from the calendar menu or from the Tasks tab above the calendar. Fill in information about the task.

Title: The name of the task.

Prioritet: Number 1 is the highest priority. Check the box for Completed when the task is done.

Percent done: Select which percentage of the task is complete.

Deadline: When should the task be complete?

Link: For web links related to the task.

Comment: Comments or description of the task.

Category: If one is selected from the dropdown menu, a correlating symbol will be shown on the calendar.

Calendar: Select the calendar the task will be connected with.

Alarm: The alarm can be used if you would like a reminder for an event, which can be sent to you via PIM or e-mail. 

Tasks (tab shown above the calendar)

A list of the currently existing tasks and information:

  • Completed: To be marked when the task is done. Click on save. 
  • Prio: The tasks priority.
  • Title: Name of the task.
  • Deadline: Date to be completed.
  • Percent completed: How much of the task has been completed.
  • Funktions:
    • i: Information about the task.
    • Edit: Click on this to edit the task.
  • Hide completed tasks: Can be checked to toggle tasks on and off.


When I open the Calendar, then show: Choose the default view of the calendar you see when it is opened, the day, week or month view. You can also select the daily time span that will be shown and if weekends will be visible.

Calendars: Which calendars you have access to and which type of calendar, personal, event, group or organisation. There is a checkbox to select whether the calendar will be shown, as well as info, edit and color icons to change the color the calendar.

New calendar

A new calendar can also be created from this window by clicking the New calendar button. Fill in information about the calendar, its name, which color it will have, if it is personal or tied to an event.

Import/export calendars

If the file is in the ICal or VCal format, it can be imported into a calendar. Calendars can also be imported via preferences for a specific calendar, by clicking on the edit icon.

Du kan importera kalendrar när du skapar en ny kalender eller när du redigerar en befintlig. Gör så här: