ÅterkopplingWhether learning is taking place in the classroom or is completely web-based, interaction with the teacher is very important  to support learning, achieve good results and have satisfied students.  This is particularly important in distance learning as students have the need to be acknowledged by teachers as well as other participantsin a course. 

Students have expressed the desire for teachers to use technology in innovative ways to give feedback: 

"We would like to see all universities and colleges ... leverage technology to provide innovative methods of assessment and feedback" National Student Forum Annual Report (Storbritannien, 2009).

Why is it important to give feedback?

In UMEs Lathund för konstruktiv återkoppling, Linda Barman writes:  

"The purpose of feedback is to help people grow and improve. Feedback is associated with motivation because it informs one on how well they have met expectations and achieved goals." (translated) 

One guide to giving electronic feedback is the downloadable PDF - Effective Assessment in a Digital Age - A Guide to Technology-Enhanced Assessment and Feedback, which profiles several case studies from Great Britain highlighting student appreciation of audiovisual feedback, as well as the use of peer assessment to promote learning. 

How to give feedback via Ping Pong

Ping Pong offers a range of tools for feedback, some text-based as well as tools to insert audio or video. While it might not be necessary to give feedback on everything, it is important to decide how it will be used. Will feedback be given to groups, student-to-student, or in another way? Will you record your feedback or ask your students to videotape roleplay that can later be evaluated according to predetermined critera?  

Feedback can take many different forms. Consider involving students in the process. Here are a few examples of feedback via Ping Pong:

See the other pages in the Feedback folder for more information on how to implement these functions.