Students as producers learning material

The University of Bristols Medical School Hippocrates uses an open website for medical students who are in their third year of study. Jane Williams, Director of e-Learning, tells of how their learning institute has had positive results using project work where students produce learning materials, which are then used by other students. This is a good example of how teachers can give their students the possibility of buildning knowledge together through the method of learning by teaching

Here is a short video and PDF-file with more information about the project:

Learning objects can consist of course aims, exercies, tutorials and more. Everything has been developed by the students themselves under the supervision of teachers. Students begin by planning and drawing a storyboard which the teacher approves before students start producing the content. Here is an example of student work: Cranial Nerve Examination. 

It is possible, with the help of Ping Pong, to make your own students producers of learning material. Your students can be given some of the same publishing rights that teachers have in the course so that they can create web pages, upload materials, embed videos and audio files and more.  

As teacher you can use a grouped event for your course material, exactly as with other events. You can then have the course connected with other events where the students can publish their own course material. 

This type of event can be created by an administrator in Ping Pong. Contact KIs educational technologists or your own department's Ping Pong administrator if you would like help with it.