Make a Wiki in Ping Pong

A wiki is a website whose pages can easily be edited by the users themselves. Ping Pong has a wiki function. which means that you can create pages and then give students editing rights to them. 

Students can only edit specific pages. As the teacher you can see which students have logged in and who has made the latest update to the page. However, it is not possible to compare versions to see what an individual student has written. Although somewhat limited, this function can be used effectively in combination with Project groups. 

  1. Create a normal content page for the group to work with. 
  2. In the Properties tab, select the project group that will be given editing rights to the page and save. All group members can now edit the page and publish it for other students to read. Use the Access tab if you want to limit who can read the page. .

Students as producers of content in Ping Pong

If you want students to be able to create other content in an event they would have to be given teachers rights to the entire event. Otherwise, it is possible to divide up a course so that students have publishing access to some events within the course. Read more about that in Student produced learning material.  Studentproducerat innehåll.