Collaborative message boards

Here are a couple of web services that you can use and connect with your courses in Ping Pong. These free web-based tools can give you and your students effective ways to work collaboratively. 

Digital message board


Padlet är ett gratisverktyg som erbjuder en yta där dina studenter kan samarbeta online. Du kan välja om du vill registrera dig eller använder tjänsten utan registrering. Du skapar bara en anslagstavla och bjuder in dina studenter. Därefter kan ni dela bilder, organisera idéer och så vidare, på samma sätt som ni kanske tidigare har gjort med Post-it-lappar.

Instant chatroom


TodaysMeet allows you to create online chatrooms for students to use during, for example, a lecture, assignment or seminar. It is not necessary to register to use the service unless you wish to have access to privacy controls or in order to save a transcript of conversations. Chatrooms can even be given a hashtag so that people can even participate with a mobile device.

Only those who are given the URL have access to the chat room and can comment after choosing a user name. 

Learn more about how to use TodaysMeet by watching this four-minute instructional video: