Project groups

With the help of the Project group function in in Ping Pong, students can be divided into teams, each with their own discussion forum to work in. Groups can also be given access to a majority of the tools available in Ping Pong. 

About creating project groups    
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You create project groups in Communication menu of the event. Only the participants within a specific group can edit it. 

Create a group and decide which functions it will have

When you create a project group you can decide who will be in the group and which functions the group has access to via Preferences: Message board, Discussion, Document, Chat, etc. Choose those that you think are relevant for the assignment.

This is what the group will see: 

Create pages with a wiki function for project groups

Students cannot create their own pages in Ping Pong. However, you can give them access to a page where they have editing and publishing rights. Other students, even those not in the group, can read the page, if you choose. 

You can also create surveys that are accessible for a certain project group. This could be used to collect evaluations of a group assignment, for example. 

See the image below for information on how to give a project group editing rights for a page:


Create a page visible only for a certain project group

Give a group access to a page by choosing the Access tab and then select the group from the dropdown menu: