Publish content on a page

Even web pages should be consistently organized. Try to use the same font, color and sizes for headers when you create the content. 

Adapt your text

Although we are becoming used to reading text on a computer monitor, most people still prefer reading longer manuscripts on paper. Internet users usually skim through the text, looking for important keywords. So adapting what you write for the Internet means focusing on the essential message and keywords. Remove unnecessary or repititious information. The text should be concise - althought not necessarily short!

Clear headings and sub-headings

It is the headings which contain the keywords to help the user navigate through the text. 

Start with the most important

One trick is to use a technique from the field of journalism organizing the text like a newspaper article. Begin with a summarizing lead in, then with the most important information, followed by more detailed clarification.  

Bulleted lists

These are a good way to: 

Create space and use graphical dividers

Leaving some space in a web page will make it easier to read. One way to do this is by using lines to divide different areas of text. 

Grafisk avdelare

It is not difficult to create lines that can help you organize the page, for example by using a simple photo editing software. Once you have used a line in Ping Pong it can easily be copied and reused in other pages.