Ping Pong Mobile

Ping Pong Mobile is a mobile application for Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ that makes it easy for you to access your PING PONG account from a mobile phone or tablet computer.

Ping Pong Mobile

You use your ordinary Ping Pong login to access your account and have access to all the material, the same as when you login on a regular computer. If you have any questions about your Ping Pong account, contact your organisation's normal support person(s).

Bear in mind

When you have installed the application on your mobile device, you begin by starting the service. A list of organisations is displayed. This is how you login:

  1. Search for your organisation by:
  2. Enter your login details.
  3. Click Log in.

Learn more under Requirements below.

Ping Pong Mobile's functions

The mobile service has a number of specially adapted functions and the user can also user Ping Pong's ordinary interface, so that all functions are available via the application. The following functions have been specially adapted for the mobile interface:


Ping Pong Instant Message or PIM displays the most recent conversations according to the people you last communicated with. Click on a person's name to read the conversation or write a message. To send the message, click the Enter button. The message is sent immediately. If the recipient is also using Ping Pong Mobile and has not actively turned off Notices for the application, the message is shown directly on the recipient's screen (if currently using the app) or on their device's start screen. The PIM is also shown directly if the recipient is logged into Ping Pong's standard interface.

What's new

This displays a continually updated list of new events related to your participation in Ping Pong. It could be a new document uploaded to an event/course you are involved in, a new information message, a PIM from a contact, a new post in Discussion, etc.
The events are displayed as a chronologically ordered list, the most recent event shown first. Click an entry in the list to get more information.


This lists all the documents you publish in My documents in Ping Pong.


This shows messages from Ping Pong's start page element, Information.


If the Timetable function has been activated for your organisation's Ping Pong system, this shows the most imminent events in your Timetable.


This lists your events/course and you can see each event's Documents, Notice board and Members.

Search users

Here you can search among your organisation's users and add people to your contact list or send PIMs to them. An organisation can choose whether to allow the search function to extend globally, to the whole organisation, or it can limit your search to the group/section/division to which you belong.


To be able to use Ping Pong Mobile, the following are required:

Getting the application

Ping Pong Mobile can be downloaded from:

Other factors

An organisation may have specific configurations for their Ping Pong installations that make it difficult or even impossible for their users to use the mobile application:

Data traffic

Worth noting! By default, Ping Pong Mobile uses e-mail/messaging, which means that more data is sent compared with the normal Ping Pong web browser system. To reduce your data traffic, you may wish to deactivate these functions under Settings on your mobile device.