As a trainer, you can use the invitations function to create meetings with event participants when you wish to hold appraisals, mentoring, lab sessions, etc. You can create invitations for individual participants or project groups that they can book themselves in for. If you invite project groups, any member of a group can accept the invitation on behalf of the whole group.

Users who have the role of Trainer see two boxes on the left of the page. The upper menu is Create/edit invitations and contains links to:

The lower box is called My invitations and is similar to what participants have access to. You can see invitations currently extended to you and book yourself for an occurrence in the same way as a participant (see above under Invited person's view).

Current invitations

Users who have the role of Trainer in an event that has Participants can go to Main menu > Tools > Invitations and see a list of invitations you have previously created. The name of each invitation, number of occurrences included and eligible groups or individuals are listed along with Edit, Show bookings and Delete functions for each invitation.

Create a new invitation

  1. Click Create new invitation in the box on the left.
  2. Enter a name for the invitation.
  3. Indicate how many occasions someone can accept.
  4. A short instruction can be written here.
  5. You can choose to send an e-mail to everyone who is invited or only to those who have not yet accepted. The message will contain information about the meeting and a link to the booking page.
  6. Fill in a starting date/time and ending date/time for the meeting.
  7. Enter the meeting place.
  8. Enter the maximum number of participants who can take part at that particular occasion.
  9. Click to create a new meeting time if you want participants to choose between occasions. You can also copy and edit an occasion or remove.
  10. Use the boxes on the right to choose the recipiants for the invitation.
  11. Click Save when you have completed the form.

Edit invitations

To edit an invitation, click the Edit button under Functions in the list of current invitations. You can change all the fields, create new occurrences and delete existing ones.

Show bookings

To see who has applied to be booked into each occurrence, click Show applications under Functions in the list of current invitations. To the right of the window you can see a list of invited users who's status are:


If you look at an individual invitation, you can see an information field for each occurrence. If anyone has booked themselves, you also see the following options:

If all possible occurrences in an invitation have passed, the invitation is archived.