Important functions in Ping Pong

This instruction will guide you through the most important functions in Ping Pong for starting working with the program.

Log on to using your log on credentials you received for using your e-mail account at Karolinska Institutet. Your user name could read like the following: kurs13abc or skn13abc. Please contact Infopunkten on +46 8-524 840 00 or if you have not received or do not remember your credentials.

Choose login service

Your start page and your personal preferences

When logged on you will see the start page of Ping Pong with a menu bar on top of the page which you may change to your own preferences.

Start page

To change your start page please click on the link Click here to adjust your Start page..

The functions of the menu bar are the following:

Menu bar

  1. Click on the logo to return to the start page.
  2. Quick links to for instance What’s new and Notepad. (Here you may make your own settings.)
  3. Five buttons with different functions. The button of your choice changes colour on the underlying line.
  4. Shows where you are. According to the example you have chosen Preferences under your name (5).
  5. Here you may log off.

Events (courses)

You may have access to one or more events depending on which courses you are reading. In most cases an Event is a course, but could be a general information source as well.


  1. The button Events presents a drop-down menu of All my events showing all of the events you have access to. An event will be included in the meny Recently visited events after opening.
  2. You may even choose to show All my events on your start page.

After opening an event the page may look like as follows:

When you open an event you are presented with a menu divided into three sections.

Section 1

Section 1

All the course materials for an event are published under the menu heading Contents:


Depending on the course you are taking, you may find course descriptions, text pages you have to read, tests you have to fill out or assignments you have to submit.

Under Documents you will find your own uploaded documents, the uploaded documents of the event. If you are a member of a project group you will also see documents uploaded by group members (see under section 2):


Section 2

Section 2

All students and teachers of the course may be found in the second section under Participants. Under Message board important messages from your teacher can be found. Discussion is the place for participating actively in different discussion forums:

Discussion forum

  1. After choosing a discussion forum you will see all subjects included in a particular forum.
  2. You can sort the list in different ways. In the example above the dates are sorted according to the date on which they were created. If the arrow adjacent to Created points upwards the most recent date will come first. If the arrow is pointing downwards the most recent date will come in last place on the list.
  3. Here you may choose how many subjects will be shown per page.

You can be divided in a project group or you can, if your teacher agrees, create your own project group consisting of a number of students. If so, the project group will be given access to, for example, a web page and a separate section of Discussion and Documents.

Project groups

Section 3

The last section may show an external link.

Portfolio and Objectives and Progress

Please observe that this section only applies to you if your teacher has chosen to use Portfolio and Objectives and Progress.

If your teacher has chosen to show Portfolio and Objectives and Progress, these functions will be visible in the first section (see page 5). You will find the functions in the menu bar under the Personal button as well (see page 3).

Your Portfolio collects the results of tests, assignments and other sub objectives from events where the portfolio function is activated. The results are saved as documents placed in folders which are connected to the sub objectives of an event. You may even save your own documents in your portfolio. The documents are created by your teacher or yourself. If you pass a self-assessment test a document will be created automatically. Only you and your teacher have access to your portfolio.


Under Objectives and Progress you will see your own progress in a particular event. A horizontal bar will show how many sub objectives you have passed. Sub objectives which are partly completed show a faint colour indicating how much has been completed by you. If you pass a sub objective completely the objective will show a darker colour.

Objectives & Progress

Enjoy using Ping Pong!