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Licenses for Voicethread via PingPong expire 25 November 2017

As of 25 November 2017 Karolinska Institutet’s Voicethread site-wide license will no longer be available as a plug-in through the Ping Pong as the license will expire. This means that students and teachers with content created with Voicethread will no longer be able to access the content or their login with their KI-ID. The only way to maintain access to content you have created with you KI login to Voicethread via Ping Pong after this date is to demote your KI account to a free Voicethread account. If you wish to demote your KI account to a free account then you must contact the Educational Technologists by 3 November 2017. Read more here>


These resources are primarily for those of you who teach at KI. The aim is to inspire, collect and share good ideas as well as tips for how Ping Pong can be used to enhance learning. 

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