Get your message across with pictures

A picture says a thousand words. Images are used for all kinds of purposes. Teachers and students can use them to convey what they want to say. 

Digital Storytelling is a method of using images to tell a story. It can be used to help students reflect upon how they will present what they have learned. 

Reinforce your message!

The use of images can make it easier to understand what is contained within text. They can also be used to created interest or to spark a discussion. 

Use relevant pictures

Choose an image with its purpose in mind. What function will it have? It is worth spending some time to find the right image to provoke a response. 

Peter Stedt

Peter teaches Digital Storytelling


The image  used as an introduction to hygenic routines for healthcare providers.

The image on the left is used as an introduction to hygenic routines for healthcare providers.




Type of illustration used to clarify a complex model

We are used to seeing this type of illustration when something complicated is explained.


Find the right image for your course!

At KI you can use Image MD which has over 60 000 medically-related images.

Your photos

Almost everyone has a digital camera or smart phone. This gives you the tools you need to take your own photos. If you want to edit the photo there are free programs available that you can use.

Flickr is a website where you can upload and share your photos. You can even choose how you want your photos to be used and shared by using a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an organisation whose purpose is to help those who would like to share what they have created. The licensing system offers six different symbols used in combination to indicatewhat copyright protection you would like to have. Learn more about how it works here: Creative Commons.