Digital storytelling

ReflectionDigital Storytelling is the practice of combining narrative with digital content in the form of images and audiovisual media.  The stories can be instructional, persuasive, historical, or reflective.

Students who used the method to present their reflections after a patient visit felt that using digital storytelling helped them gain a more meaningful experience. The process of thinking through what they would would talk about, finding the right images and producing the presentations helped them learn.  

PDF-fil Reflective learning for the net generation student - Christopher Murray och Dr. John Sandars from the Medical Education Unit at the University of Leeds have written a report about how Digital Storytelling can be used pedagogically in the learning environment.

Outofourheads - project from Bristol University Medical School

Out Of Our Heads is a project from students and teachers at the University of Bristol Medical School:

"But, perhaps uniquely, at Bristol, we believe that the best way to harness the Arts in medicine is to engage personally with medical themes through creative work. An artistic approach gets us to focus on the individuality of the situation, whereas in most of the course the focus is on the generic. It also, often, involves strong emotional responses in a culture were the intellect is most prized. Encountering and learning from (sometimes difficult) emotional responses is the high road to emotional intelligence. 'Use your EQ not just your IQ' as one rapping contributor notes."