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The Joint Master’s Programme in Health Informatics (120 credits/2 years)

You will find our new updated programme website here: https://education.ki.se/student/joint-masters-programme-in-health-informatics

The Joint Master's Programme in Health Informatics is aimed at students who are interested in information technology and want to apply this to the medicine or healthcare fields. You will learn methods to make health care safer, more efficient and of higher quality through computer-based information and knowledge management.

This programme is given as a joint programme between Karolinska Institutet (Health Informatics Centre at the dept of LIME) and Stockholm University (Department of Computer and System Sciences (DSV) which means that some courses are at Karolinska Institutet and some at Stockholm University. After completing the programme students will receive a Master of Medical Science by Karolinska Institutet and a Master of Science by Stockholm University.

Since the programme is created for students with medical or technical backgrounds you will not only take courses to complement your skills (students with technical backgrounds take courses in basic medical sciences, health care organisation and management, while students with medical backgrounds learn basic computer and systems sciences) but you will also learn a lot from each other.

Information about corona virus 

Information about the corona virus for staff and students https://news.ki.se/information-about-the-corona-virus-for-staff-and-students

Programme Introduction day: Monday 2 sept. 2019

This is a mandatory occasion where you will be officially registered to the master programme. Please bring your ID for the registration. 

Location 09.00-15.00: Widerströmska huset. Tomtebodavägen 18, 171 65 Solna. Room David.


A map to campus Solna can be found here:   https://ki.se/sites/default/files/karta_campus_solna.pdf

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