Welcome to the course!

During this 3-week course you will deepen your knowledge of the functioning of health systems as well as health policy formation and implementation. You will further deepen your skills of health system research and evidence-based policy making and implementation.  

During this course a mix of interactive lectures, seminars, individual and group assignments will be used.

One aspect of health policy, policies to contain antibiotic resistance has been chosen as a case because it is a very serious current issue.  Various aspects of antibiotic resistance will be studied in a comprehensive group assignment where your results and recommendations will be fed back to the experts to aid them in their efforts to address the global challenge of antibiotic resistance. During the group assignment you will be able to choose between six different themes.

The course introduction will take place on Monday 21 October at 9.00 in Widerstömska huset, Tomtebodavägen 18A.

Before we meet, you are expected to read one chapter in "Medicines in Health Systems". You can find more information here

I am looking forward to working with you during this course!

Anna Machowska