Stockholm summer school in Bioentrepreneurship

Welcome to the Stockholm Summer School in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet (KI)!

In this course you will meet and interact with real entrepreneurs and learn about the life science market and the business development opportunities that are present in the life science industry. You will meet students from different fields and work together in practical projects. The format is based on real life case studies and you will work on concrete projects, meet with contractors and participate in interactive seminars where you will learn from and with each other. The course includes lectures, case seminars and workshops. In addition to the scheduled sessions you will work on group projects and personal reflections. You will have the opportunity to practise mingling and networking under informal conditions with entrepreneurs and business development actors. 

The course will start on June 10 with one week of self-studies. All the information necessary to conduct the studies prior to the onsite studies at KI will be provided here at PingPong. The self-studies will give you an introduction to entrepreneurship theory, basic mechanisms of innovation and entrepreneurial learning. The onsite course starts on June 17, at 10.00, at Karolinska Instituted in Stockholm, Sweden.

Once again, a warm welcome!
Hanna Jansson, Course director 

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