From science to business  Concepts in Biotechnology

The biotech-industry is like no other industry! This context course provides you with a basic overview of the development and management of companies in the biotech industry focusing on the commercialisation of research-based discoveries and products.

On this course you will meet and interact with real entrepreneurs, learn about business planning, financing and get oriented in the field of biotechnology. You will also meet students from different fields and work together in a practical project in collaboration with a biotech company.

The course will start on Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 17.00-20.00. The course will be conducted as part-time stud­ies, two evenings per week until May 16. It includes scheduled lectures, seminars and workshops. In addition to the scheduled sessions you will work on a group project, a case study and a personal assignment. On top of this you will have the opportunity to practise mingling and networking with each other, entrepreneurs and innovation system actors under informal conditions.

Registered students will get a more information including a detailed scheduled at least two weeks before the course starts. By then you will also att get login details by SSES to the course web, where all necessary information about the course will be available.

The group projects will be conducted in collaboration with a biotech company.

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