A good study design in clinical research is crucial for success. Therefore it is important to think about potential problems and limitations long before you start the data-collection. It seems obvious, but a lot of clinical research is unfortunately still started with a very vague idea – throwing some data together expecting that “some papers would come out of it”… and then running into problems (e.g. some data are not or wrongly collected).

So we organise this hands-on course, covering theoretical concepts and practical issues considering study design. We will discuss the importance of the study protocol, and the main study designs used (cohort, case-control, randomised controlled trial).

Students will also work on their own study protocol to plan and start their own study, and we will critically and constructively discuss other protocols and studies. The evaluation of the course will mainly be based on the presentation of the individual study protocol, and the critical and constructive evaluation of the study protocols of other students.

An important aspect of the course is the interaction between the students and the teachers. We want to provide opportunities for the students to learn from each other (peer-learning) as well as from the course leaders who have extensive knowledge in the field.

We look forward to seeing you all in November!