Welcome to the course in Basic Laboratory Safety (2690) Spring 2016 - February 8 - 15!

Lectures, group discussion and practical sessions

Note that presence at some lectures, most group discussions and all practical sessions are mandatory. Sessions with mandatory presence are indicated with an asterisk, *, in the schedule. We are, however, expecting you to participate in all sessions since there is no course book and the written exam is based on the course content.

Attendance lists are circulating during the mandatory classes. Missing lectures/group discussions or practical sessions may not be compensated for during this course and students who misses compulsory activities are referred to coming courses for these activities.

The powerpoint presentations of the in-class lectures are accessible via Ping pong. The presentations are found under the "More content" tab and under the respective day. Here you also find web-tutorials, assignments and tests.

You are divided into 3 groups and you will work in these groups at different occations during the course. A list of students/groups can be found under the tab "Schedule". Each group has their own folder in Ping pong (under the tab "Documents") where the materials that you generate are uploaded.

Preparation for group discussions and practical sessions

You need to prepare for the group discussions and practical sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Web-tutorial and assignments

A substantial part of the exam is based on the on-line assignments and web-tutorials. We have assigned the web-tutorials and assignments for different days and we recommend that you follow the schedule for self-studies during the course week to get a logical order of the different topics and follow-up discussions. Note that you need to finish preparations and assignments by due date. Some web-tutorials are completed with a test and you will need 100% correct answers in order to pass.

Follow your progress in "Objectives and Progress" (Mål och Framsteg). Each session, i.e. web-tutorials and assignments, has a line under "Objective and Progress". Tick the square when you have finished each session. There are follow up lectures for the different web-tutorials and assignments where it is possible to discuss and ask questions about the different topics.


Send an email to asa.belin@ki.se if you need to come in contact with the course organizers.