Global Master's Programme in Nutrition Science, 60 Credits

The aim of the program is to give the student an in-depth understanding of the scientific basis of the subject nutrition and related research methodology. Areas covered in the first part of the programme include how relationships between diet and health are studied and how different types of studies contribute to this knowledge, what the basis is for various recommendations in diet and physical activity, including sustainability aspects, as well as exploration of molecular mechanisms underlying the link between diet and health. Thereafter, assessment methodologies for dietary intake, physical activity, fitness and muscle strength as well as nutritional status will be addressed, with a focus on understanding the validity, applicability and evaluation of results. The final course of the first semester builds on this and deals with intervention research based on eHealth and mHealth (internet and mobile phone technology). Global perspectives and comparisons are included in all of the courses.

In the second semester, the student carries out a degree project of 30 credits. Here, you have the opportunity to, depending on interest and previous background, choose to work in different areas of nutritional research, for example, it may be molecular, physiological, clinical, epidemiological or public health-oriented. It is also possible to do the degree project abroad. We have an exchange agreement with Deakin University in Australia for this. It is also possible to find a project on your own at a university in another country.

In all courses, you will receive training in communicating science, orally and in writing with different target groups. Ethical and social aspects of research and science are also dealt with.

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Listen to two former Master students

My Sjunnestrand and Serina Wehbe El Masri finished the Global Master's Programme in Nutrition Science in 2019.
Listen to what they've got to say about it:


Meet the bloggers for the Global Master's Programme in Nutrition Science

Resthie Putri from Indonesia is studying the 1-year Master's Programme in Nutrition Science 2019-2020.

Follow Resthie's one-year journey at KI on her blog.


You can also read what Daša Švaikovskaja experienced during her year as a Master student 2018-2019.


Master students in Nutrition Science - winners of the Baltic Sea Young Planner's Contest

Two recently graduated students from KI’s Global Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science were among the top 3 teams competing in the Baltic Sea Young Planner’s Contest in Poland. One of them was in the winning team.

During four days in the end of August 2019, around 35 students from all over the Baltic Sea Region competed in teams to share their vision of the Baltic Sea Region in 2050. They had to choose a topic within the contest methodology: demographic changes, response to climate change, improving accessibility and maritime spatial planning.

Two students in front of the Contest signsBioNut Global Master's students Veli-Matti Lappi and Daša Švaikovskaja.

Two students from the Global Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science 2018/2019 at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition participated in the contest; Veli-Matti Lappi and Daša Švaikovskaja.

Veli-Matti Lappi’s team made it to first place with an idea of a mobile fleet that would deliver basic services such as medicines, groceries, health- and social services to the rural and sparsely populated areas.

The ideas developed will be used to update VASAB’s (Vision& Strategies around the Baltic Sea) Long Term Perspective.

- We were both also very happy to represent KI and to share our knowledge and expertise from the programme with other participants, says Daša Švaikovskaja.