Welcome to the Course Clinical Medicine – Surgery, Huddinge.
(Klinisk medicin inriktning kirurgi)

Denna kursweb kommer att innehålla både information och material på svenska och engelska/The following pages will contain information and material in Swedish as well as English.

Gemensam kurswebb alla fyra sjukhusen 

On Monday, January 21, room 1, K64 at 8:30 am we start up the course in Clinical medicine – surgery at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. Attendance at the roll call is mandatory for every student who is going to take the course (non-attendance can lead to loss of the place on the course).

The first week of the course is a “crash” introduction to the course including mostly lectures and some practical exercises, all in order to be prepared for the different clinical rotations starting the second week of the course. The week ends with a crash-course-examination.

The course is an integrated course of many related medical/surgical specialties: general surgery, orthopedics, anesthesiology, urology, radiology, oncology, primary care medicine, forensic medicine and the 2 week rotation on a clinical educational ward where you will be working as a real doctor. You are now one step further to becoming a real physician and you will feel that during this course. You will all be graded on all the different integrated moments/parts of the course. Swedish students: PASS or FAIL. International students: ECTS grade A,B,C,D,E or F.

Most of the course consists of clinical rotations with mandatory attendance. Working and learning in the clinical environment is the first step of preparing you for your future work duties. Failure to attend in the clinical environment leads to extra duty or other extra assignments. A typical week includes clinical work and seminars at the different departments from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, there will be theoretical teaching and learning activities with lectures and seminars for all students together. Most of these activities are also mandatory and failure to attend leads to extra assignments. Some rotations have “on-call” duties during the rotation, more information about this on the first day of the course.

If you want to know more about the course through earlier semesters course evaulations, please check out the last semesters course evaluation (in Swedish) under the folder course evaluations/kursutvärderingar.  

Photograph by Staffan Larsson.

We hope you all feel welcome and look forward to see you all on Monday, Januari 21, 8.15, lecture hall 1, K64.

Take a look at PingPong every now and then. We will continuously update the information on the web before the course start.                   

Lars Henningsohn             Helene Jansson                  Marie Lygdman

Director of studies              Course administrator          Course administrator


Course administration spring 2019 (sv. kursledning)

Director of studies (Studierektor): Associate professor Lars Henningsohn
Course administrator (Kurssekreterare): Helene Jansson, tel 58582431, helene.jansson@ki.se
Course administrator (Kurssekreterare): Marie Lygman, tel 58587767, marie.lygdman@ki.se


Important information 

ENGLISH: During this semester, as all other programs at KI, we do not accept any discrimination or sexual harassment. Contact the course administration immediately if you see or experience any sexual harassment or discrimination due to gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences or disability.

SWEDISH: På termin 7 har vi nolltolerans vad gäller all diskriminering och sexuella trakasserier. Vi vill att du omedelbart meddelar kursledningen om du blir sexuellt trakasserad eller diskriminerad på grund av kön, etnicitet, religion eller trosuppfattning, sexuell läggning eller funktionshinder.

Welcome page.

Subject: #metoo – Support for KI-students

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is an inclusive university with a good work- and study climate, free of discrimination, harassment, and other offensive discrimination. The study climate should be characterized by mutual respect between employees and students. Discrimination, harassment and other offensive treatment is a serious threat to health, well-being, study pleasure and opportunities for success. Such behaviour can never be accepted, and therefore KI works with active measures that involves preventive work and promote a good study environment

Information for you who has been exposed to, or has noted, sexual harassment or other offensive treatment at Karolinska Institutet can be found at: http://ki.se/en/education/metoo-campaign-support-for-ki-students

Ämne: #metoo – stöd för dig som är student


Karolinska Institutet (KI) ska vara ett inkluderande universitet med ett gott arbets- och studieklimat, fritt från diskriminering, trakasserier, och övrig kränkande särbehandling. Studieklimatet ska präglas av ömsesidig respekt mellan medarbetare och studenter. Diskriminering, trakasserier och övrig kränkande särbehandling är ett allvarligt hot mot hälsa, välbefinnande, studieglädje och möjligheter till framgång. Sådana beteenden kan aldrig accepteras och KI arbetar därför med aktiva åtgärder som innebär ett förebyggande arbete och som främjar en god studiemiljö.


Information till dig som är student och har utsatts för, eller har uppmärksammat sexuella trakasserier eller övrig kränkande särbehandling på Karolinska Institutet hittar du på: http://ki.se/utbildning/metoo-kampanjen-har-finns-stod-for-dig-som-ar-student


Här är en kort introduktionsfilm till Ladoks studentgränssnitt.


Here is a brief introduction movie to the Ladok student interface. It is subtitled in English.

Students Ladok